May, 25th & 26th 2020

During this 2 days workshop, all EXXTRA partners presented and discussed about their own managements et services. The objective : base discussions on the existing services in each clusters and on their respective feedback in order to initiate a reflection for the implementation of a joint strategy.

Agenda of this workshop :
Day 1: Cluster organization, management, working methodologies, workplace innovation, strategic approach, approach towards members, methodologies to engage SMEs, self- sustainability of the cluster organization, individual Cluster Strategy and implementation Roadmap development/update.

It includes :

  • Partner presentations including Organizational structure, Strategy, members engagement methods etc. Including reaction and feedback from peer partners.
  • Presentation of SWOT Analysis and Benchmark with discussion
  • Vote of the top best practices
  • Cluster excellence DK guidance : coaching an active exercise, simulation etc. to cluster managers “out of comfort zone”

Day 2: Professionalization of Innovation services delivered
Interactive workshop with mutual presentations of services that are delivered, best results achieved by members through them, the methodologies followed to design and channel them etc. :

  1. Video presentations of members interviews no more than 2,5 min. from 3 cluster members.
  2. Analysis and Benchmark presentation by Railgrup
  3. Vote of the top best practices
  4. Coaching an active exercise, simulation etc. to cluster managers “out of comfort zone”

Conclusions of this workshop in infographics (by ConnectedBrains):

4 similar workshops are planned during the EXXTRA project. The next workshop will be dedicated to support services for internationalization!