November, 28th 2022

Discover the final assesment resulting from continuous monitoring and quality evaluation of the exchanges realised under the « EXXTRA Exchange Scheme ».


This report aims to offer a final assessment of the EXXTRA Cluster/change scheme delivered during the project, based on the continuous monitoring and quality evaluation of the exchanges, and to draw a set of key conclusions based on it.

The document has a double purpose:

  • An internal one, strategic, aimed to provide the EXXTRA Partners the measurement of their activity, in order to offer the basis for them to finetune – if necessary – and scale-up the « ClusterXchange » model as permanent service they are willing to offer to their members in Europe;
  • An external one, for dissemination and inspiration of peers, aimed to provide the other ESCP-4X partnerships with useful insights for the deployment of their ClusterXchanges.


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