October,15th 2021

Date and time: 9 November 2021, 15:00-16:30 CET

Objective: To Round-up the pilot scheme and present the results of the exchanges, share lessons learnt and success stories from CXC participants and Partnerships and discuss the practicalities of future exchanges with Covid-19 and overall success of the pilot scheme.



15:00 15:05
Welcome & introduction

Introduction of the speakers and moderators by the SO

Presentation of the agenda by the SO

Key opening notes from the European Commission

15:05 15:15

A brief update on ClusterXchange

Initial objectives and expected impact

Physical versus virtual exchanges

15:15 15:30

Panel discussion: Lessons Learnt and best practices from the SO,
Partnerships and participants

Planning and execution

Assessment of impact

Next steps

15:30 15:35
Coffee break

15:35 16:05
Testimonials from CXC participants and Partnerships

Virtual exchange
Host and visitor
Physical exchange

Host and visitor

16:05 16:15
Next phase: postpilot phase of CXC
Presentation by SO and EISMEA

16:15 16:25

16:25 16:30 Feedback Survey and wrapup